What I've been up  to this year

GSBC Co-Chair 2017


From summer of 2016 through March 2017, I co-chaired the annual business conference. The weekend-long event is designed to connect commerce students with their peers and industry leaders, as well as to acquire new skills.

Gustavson Logo.gif

Global Leaders Conference 2017

Attendee of the 2017 Gustavson conference, which is designed to get students thinking about their brand, as well as to interact with a panel of industry professionals (including Gustavson alumni).

Mannheim Business School Value Based Management Course

A course designed to teach a management approach that puts a company’s value at the center of all management decisions and activities. The goal is to provide a holistic view and some additional knowledge on what drives value creation.

Website Builder

I have been working with ReMax agents to develop their personal brands through creating personalized professional websites.

Distinguished Entrepreneur of the Year Awards Gala 

Volunteered at the 2017 Distinguished Entrepreneur of the Year awards gala, which honoured Don Mattick for being a 'game changer' in his field. I was able to network, and learned a great deal about outside of the box thinking from Mr. Mattick.

TED X.jpg

TEDXWanChai Attendee

Attended a TedX series in Hong Kong, which had the theme  'Crossroads'. This topic delved into how the world was changing  -and what we can do to keep pace. I learned a lot about future market trends, as well as the importance of creative problem solving when tackling new challenges.

RBC Guest Lecture Networking Event (Hong Kong)

Attended a guest lecture and networking event hosted by RBC technology, which discussed big data management and future challenges. I worked for RBC during one co-op, and so was very excited to attend this event.

Business Development Internship

Almost immediately after my exchange to Hong Kong, I accepted an internship position at Voith gmBH. I learned a great deal about putting together project proposals and market research. I successfully helped to develop M&A portfolios, independently created a market research study, and pitched ideas for new business ventures.